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I’ve never gotten into wax melts because the ones available are toxic! Until now! Set the coziest holiday vibes with these brand new, non-toxic, 100% Natural wax melts! Perfect for anyone who wants a flameless yet festive aroma this holiday season! Also great for stocking stuffer ideas or small gift ideas. 

Have you tried wax melts before? I never even considered it because the ones available are loaded with petroleum derived paraffin wax and hormone disrupting synthetic fragrances we then inhale. I haven’t felt called to use them, given their toxic nature, however, once I found these cleaner ones, I have been obsessed! I love candles but it’s nice to sort of flip these on and go, without worrying about the house burning down or my dogs sniffing a flame.

These non-toxic wax melts are made with just Coconut Oil + Beeswax, scented with only essential oils making them a super clean way to get a scent into your home. Simply pick your wax warmer device, plug it in, and then plop one of your wax melts on and enjoy!

View Wax Melt scents here.🤶🏼

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