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Because I only have ONE sale of the year, I wanted to help you maximize it by putting together a list of my tried + true personal and customer faves so, in case you want to go BIG, you will have a great list to shop from! Black Friday starts NOW! There are various parts to this SALE, so please read the details in full before ordering so you will be ready to go come Friday at 6 am PST. Open the full post for details!

  • Spend $135 take $5 OFF code TAKE5
  • Spend $235 take $10 OFF code TAKE10
  • Spend $335 take $15 OFF code TAKE15
  • Spend $435 take $20 OFF code TAKE20

Additionally, you will save on the below!

  • 50% OFF select SALE Category with hundreds of items!
  • FREE Pink Sherpa Makeup Bag for all orders over $435
  • FREE Express 2-day shipping!

I also have a SALE section that is 50% OFF everything, the biggest SALE I have ever had! These are items that I have too many of, that are too bulky, or that are approaching their sell-by date. Please plan to use these items soon to get the most out of them! There is a ton of great stuff so really take your time to browse around. SHOP 50% OFF SALE

Also, all orders over $435.00 will come packed in our brand new Organic Bunny Pink Sherpa Makeup Bags! With a retail value of $25, this is such a steal as you will also be getting $20 OFF, up to 50% OFF the sale section, and, of course, FREE 2-Day express shipping!

All orders over $435.00 get this brand new Organic Bunny Pink Sherpa Makeup Bag FREE! $25.00 Retail Value!

Because the sale is so hectic, we cannot make any edits to your orders, so please triple-check your order before you check out to ensure you added the relevant coupon code needed to shop! SALE items will already be discounted, so no code is needed. You will need to enter one of the above codes depending on which discount you qualify for!

Now that we got all of the logistics out of the way, let’s get to shopping; what do you say? I also must add this sale is truly just a big thank you to my community! I lose a lot of money on these sales, BUT you guys are worth it, so this really is a time for me to give back to you for years and years of amazing support. Your support allows me to rescue dogs unpaid and to live my dream job, which is helping you all find only the best products for you and your family.

This year was rough for most small businesses, so I was skeptical even about having a sale as it really is a huge undertaking, and I always feel insecure about not being able to compete with the big brand’s hefty discounts. The reality is that being a retailer of other people’s products means I get 50% less of a margin, which means I have 50% less I can work with! I really tried my best to offer you a great sale that still allowed my small business not to take a total loss. Either way, I hope you know how grateful I am for this community here, and I hope you find some new amazing goodies!

Organic Candles

Love candles? Me too, but without the perfumes and toxic waxes! Illuminate your space and create major cozy vibes thanks to Fontana Candles + their brand-new Wax Melts! It’s so hard to find candles made without soy wax, and these are crafted from only organic beeswax and coconut oil! These candles exude the perfect holiday ambiance without harmful, endocrine-disrupting waxes or artificial fragrances and with crackling wood wicks free of lead. Try their new LUXE collection for more of a luxurious and sophisticated touch!

Organic Body Wash-

Ideal for sensitive skin and anyone with skin concerns, the Aleavia body wash works wonders by restoring the balance between good and bad bacteria. It’s a game-changer for anyone experiencing skin irritations, delivering gentle yet effective cleansing that is even suitable for babies’ delicate skin. We carry tons of yummy scents, but my favorite is Cranberry or Orchid, and Kyle’s fave is Citrus or Green Tea! This is a brand you guys all go crazy for every BF! Be sure to stock up on their facial cleanser + body lotion, too!

Non-Toxic Shampoo + Conditioner-

Hair care is a critical area to clean up, as those products cover a wide range of our scalps! Natural shampoos can be super disappointing, but after years of trying out every option under the sun, I finally have some faves to suggest that are super popular with my customers, too! The Rahua line offers diverse hair solutions like volume enhancement and color protection with clarifying properties and a more lathering effect. For my thick but fine hair, I love the Volume Shampoo + Conditioner; it makes my hair SO shiny! I also LOVE their Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo for removing dead skin flawlessly. Of course, be sure to add in the Leave-In Conditioner and Heat Protectant, as those are perfect for all hair types!

The second brand I love is Under Luna! Think luxury haircare in glass packaging that focuses on top-quality herb-based formulations, prioritizing indulgence in a nourishing experience to promote scalp health and vitality. For anyone who wants a more clarifying option, try Rahua! For those who want a more nourishing formula, try Under Luna! My faves are the Warrior Shampoo and Revive Conditioner but read through and see what makes sense for your hair type.

Skin Care-

Being 40 means I need non-toxic skincare that actually works! Agent Nateur makes many of my current skincare essentials, including the Holi Bright mask, Holi Creme, and Holi Oil, which all embody top-tier quality and efficacy. These products are formulated with youth-illuminating European active ingredients to nurture and revitalize the skin, promoting radiance and hydration with meticulously selected natural ingredients. All of their formulations are abundant in natural vitamins, minerals, oils, and plant extracts, plus they’re clinically tested to ensure their safety and potency. My current routine is to cleanse with their Acid Wash, tone with the Rya Facial Mist, and then treat with Holi Lift, Holi Creme and Holi Oil! I also love their anti-aging eye cream, Holi Glow and their anti-aging Body Balm is heaven-sent. For a budget-friendly option, try the Rya Phyto-Retinol Serum!


We have the best selection of clean, non-toxic scents that are all truly clean, made with nothing but only 100% Natural ingredients. Ginger June offers an array of fragrances known for their alluring scents and natural ingredients. Each fragrance is carefully crafted to provide a unique olfactory experience, using botanical essences to create delightful perfumes. Kyle’s current faves are Fern and Ember and mine is Flora!

Prim Botanicals perfumes are renowned for their captivating scents that evoke a sense of luxury and sophistication. Their fragrances are curated using high-quality ingredients, appealing to anyone seeking elegance and refinement in their scents. I love that they are in rollerball container as it makes traveling with them a breeze. I love these perfumes as they have a more feminine and true perfume scent. You can’t go wrong with any of them IMO!

Living Libations specializes in creating natural perfumes using botanical extracts and essential oils. Their perfumes are designed to align with nature, offering an aromatic journey that combines earthy and floral notes for a harmonious experience. These perfumes have a more exotic, tropical vibe to them, as many feature notes of Gardenia, Jasmine, and Vanilla!

Nusa Holistick’s perfumes are crafted holistically, blending essential oils known for their aromatic properties and therapeutic benefits. Their perfumes are more than just fragrances, promoting well-being through natural scents. I love their scents so much as they also have a very tropical, exotic vibe, and I love that they come in a sleek spray form for easy travel!

LOTUSWEI’s anointing oils intertwine the world of perfumes, holistic healing, and manifestation. These oils offer mesmerizing scents and incorporate the essence of flowers and plants known for their energetic and transformative properties, promoting emotional balance and well-being. My personal faves are Wild Abundance, Inner Peace and Infinite Love! I apply a drop to my wrists and neck and take deep breaths throughout the day! Such magical potions. I also am obsessed with the mists too!

Nail Polishes-

Huella polishes are like CHANEL but less toxic! They are recognized for delivering vibrant colors and durability while prioritizing nail health. Besides being 10-free, vegan, and cruelty-free, Huella polishes contain no Benzophenone-1, a possibly toxic ingredient that most “cleaner” polishes still contain, and they truly hold up amazingly. Make sure to use the base and top coat for the best results!

For Men-

Skin Care- Jack Henry is one of Kyle’s favorite brands, specializing in men’s grooming essentials made from natural and organic ingredients! Their range includes products like beard oils, pomades, and grooming kits, catering specifically to men’s grooming needs with a focus on natural yet effective formulations. Kyle’s faves are the face wash, shampoo, body wash, and the Super Face Cream!

Cologne- Ginger June’s unisex colognes, particularly the Ember and Fern scents, have spicy, citrusy, cedarwood, and pine notes which have been a fave among the men, especially my husband Kyle! Their scents are crafted with attention to detail, allowing men to express their personalities through captivating fragrances. All Ginger June products are made using organic grape alcohol and an accord of only wildcrafted, organic, or sustainably harvested essential oils and absolutes. Not sure which one to pick? Try their smaller roll-ons here OR try their smaller sample sizes here.


Say goodbye to your irritating razors and give my favorite glamorous razor a try! Leaf Shave presents an eco-conscious shaving experience that ensures both sustainability and comfort. Their innovative razors not only deliver an exceptional shave but also offer peace of mind with a lifetime warranty! Featuring a spring-loaded, pivoting head design, these razors prioritize user comfort and adaptability, making the shaving process smoother and less intimidating! This is the only safety razor I will personally use because of the pivoting head. The colors are stunning, too, with so many options for both men and women!

Hair Brushes-

The best gift ever for you or a bestie! Wooden brushes have smoother bristles that reduce static, prevent breakage, and gently detangle hair without causing damage. They also stimulate the scalp, aiding blood circulation for healthier hair growth while distributing natural oils for enhanced shine and moisture. From afro brushes and wide tooth combs to round, square, and scalp-stimulating brushes, Tek makes a little bit of everything for all, including mini brushes, perfect for kids! Tek wooden brushes are 100% handcrafted in Italy from high-quality wood, known for their durability and eco-friendliness. The rectangular brush with long pins is my top pick as it is the perfect shape for easy detangling and blow-drying my hair straight with a slight curve at the ends! Pair with the Rahua Detangler for bonus gifting points!


Finding truly clean, natural supplements is quite the task, as most people would think vitamins are all-natural, wrong! Most are sadly synthetic; however, not the options you will find in the Organic Bunny store! Global Healing and Cymbiotika are some of the cleanest, third-party-tested supplement brands on the market, with a TON of amazing options to choose from to ensure maximum wellness! Our faves from Global Healing are the Organic Multivitamin, Quercetin, and the Hormone Balance. Our faves from Cymbiotika are Vitamin D3 + K2, Charcoal, Magnesium topical, B12 + B6, and Longevity Mushrooms but be sure to check out all of their awesome options!

Best Sellers by Category-

Best BB Cream- 14E Skin Tint for minimal coverage or their Foundation for Medium coverage! I wear Macadamia.

Best Liquid Foundation- I have been loving the new RMS Liquid; it is the best foundation I have ever used, hands down! It has great coverage, and it’s buildable. I am shade 11.5, applied with the 14E Foundation Brush!

Best Deodorant- My best-selling brand is the Rustic Maka options, and we just so happen to have gotten the Prim Botanicals collab scents back in! I am obsessed! All you need is a tiny tap, no swipes! For best results, pair with the Rustic Maka Charcoal Soap.

Best Mascara- Lately, I have been loving the Living Libations Raven Mascara; however, the Lily Lolo Big Lash is a tried and true, reliable fave. The Tok Mascara is, too, and we just got their new brown in! You cannot go wrong with either of these options. No flakes, no smudges!

Best Room Sprays- These room sprays by Grow Fragrance are non-toxic and smell amazing! So many fun scents to shop from, including all-new holiday options! My faves are the Blondewood, Snowscape, Sage, and Ginger Pumpkin!

Best Tumblers- I am obsessed with my blush pink Ever Eco Insulated Tumbler! I personally think Stanley cups are way too huge and bulky so I prefer these to keep my drinks super hot or cold! The perfect size. I also LOVE their Rose Gold straws and use them daily.

Best Gel Polish- Non-toxic gel polish? Yes, please! You know the Bio Seaweed is my all-time favorite brand because it holds up just as well as conventional polish with far fewer toxins, and it can even be cured in the sun; how cool is that?

Best Sunless Tanning Lotion- I am obsessed with the Chocolate Sun tanning products as they work amazing and smell like chocolate! Made with Eco-Certified DHA derived from Sugar Beets, this gives me the best tan ever while I sleep!

Best Lip Mask- I personally love all things Henne Organics for lip care as they make various lip scrubs to gently buff off dead skin, all while also offering some of the most moisturizing lip treatments around. I use the V2 every single day as a daily lip balm, but at night, I love using their Lip Mask for maximum moisture and nourishment!

Best Face Masks- Lately, I have really been loving the ARTIFACT Face Masks! They have so many amazing options to choose from, and I find them super high-performance. Exfoliating, Moisturizing, Detoxifying, they have a little bit of it all, so be sure to check them out and grab one this sale!

The above are just a few of my best sellers; however, I have a whole category organizing the top-selling items in my shop, so you can check out the Best Sellers here!

Shop the 50% OFF sale here!

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