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Can you believe it?! I actually put makeup on yesterday! In an attempt to be a better content creator, one of my best friends came up to help me plan a Valentine’s Day photoshoot. Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays, even when I was single; I am not sure why!? I truly am obsessed with all things pink, hearts, love, and sparkle!

I remember, growing up, going to Target around this time of the year; SO excited for the Valentine’s Day dollar zone, anyone else? So many cute things I always needed. Not much has changed since then; only now, I look for non-toxic goodies only.

Anyway, Ashley came up from OC and helped me plan a super cute shoot. All of the shots aren’t back yet, but I did post one sneak peek; so many of you were dying to know the details, so let’s get into them! We did have a MUA on set. However, she did not know I was 39, and honestly, I had way too much makeup on. My under-eye wrinkles just could not handle it, so these looks are a bit heavier than I would have applied myself. I am thinking I will re-create these in video form for us all but modified to suit my skin better which means the same products but MUCH less.

Anyway, here are the products I used to create this look; I really love, love the eye shadow palette we used; it was the perfect choice for Valentine’s Day makeup that really can be worn anytime! These are just pics off my iPhone so as soon as I get the photos back I will update them to the professional ones!

I also had a few people ask me about this top, I am truly obsessed with this Valencia Lace Top, I love everything high collar and lace, I got it in size SMALL. I also paired it with a simple, dainty gold hoop earring.

For my hair, we curled it with a 1-inch iron all over, teased the hell out of it, and only set it with hair oil, as you know that is my fave! For those that do want a hair spray, I will link the one I have been loving. If I do use this, I hold it super far back and just do a baby spritz!

To prep it, I used the below items! As a reminder, for healthy hair, the collagen you take really matters too so I always take my Holi Mane in my smoothie each day. This helps SO much with healthy hair, skin, and nails. It is for sure the most premium, results-oriented collagen on the market. I also did a scalp treatment the night before which always soothes my easily-irritated scalp. This Founder’s Blend is heaven-sent. If you have any scalp irritations or psoriasis, it’s a MUST!

So, I think that is everything, for now! I would love to hear any questions you might have or suggestions on the type of looks to create next!? Want to see a tutorial of this look? Just comment and let me know!

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