21 Baseball Mom Must-Haves (So You Don’t Look Like a Newbie)

I’ve been a baseball mom for over 5 years and clocked more hours on the sidelines than I can count. I’ve tried and tested ALL the gear and figured out exactly what you need if you’re going to make your 12 hour baseball days go as smoothly as possible. Looking for the comfiest chairs, waterproof tents and the best buggy to schlep it all around in? I gotchu covered, plus a few more things that’ll really level up your sideline game. Let’s go!

An assortment of baseball essential items.

By: Lisa Fennessy


There are baseball moms and then there are BASEBALL MOMS. I’m proud to say I fall in the latter category. 

Growing up in Boston, I was born a Red Sox fan. I went to ball games with my dad and lived by the motto “Yankees suck” but it wasn’t until I moved to the south and my boys started playing baseball that I fell in love with it. 

I love everything about going to the games. The hope and excitement of what’s to come, riding the highs, cheering, tailgating, the swag, the community and friendships…

Baseball is unique in that if you play seriously, you are with the same families days on end. Tournaments can be from 8am to 8pm and summer baseball will have you traveling to other states and staying weeks at a time. 

All that leaves you making lifelong friends with the people around you. Moms band together, dads rally and the kids make memories of a lifetime. 

A group of moms in custom baseball hats.

I’ve been baseball mom-ing for over 5 years now and one thing’s for sure; you can’t just show up to a baseball game. You gotta SHOW UP. Let me show you how to do that so you don’t look like a newbie like this woman below. I have no idea who she is but I love her so much. This post is for you girl!

Credit: brookejacksonwo

Travel baseball essentials for parents

Let me start off by saying, this is not one of those posts that’s about to tell you you need a cooler, snacks, wet wipes and lip balm. Those posts drive me nuts. You gonna tell me to not leave the house naked too? DUH! 

A trunk filled with baseball equipment and essentials.
What your trunk will look like for one day of baseball lol.

These are TRIED AND TESTED essentials (and gear) you are going to need as mom if you want to survive 12 hour baseball days and and have them go as smoothly as possible. And no, you don’t have to buy every single thing on this list. Every mom will need a chair ofc but for the bigger items it can be more communal. I happen to be the dugout fan mom and the occasional DJ. Another mom will always bring her tent. And another one has the ice towels. See what I mean? Team effort on the field and off the field. Let’s go.  

A group of boys sit under a tent.
Tent for shade and chairs to sit in between games.

Travel baseball mom must-haves (everything else)

These are not necessarily must-haves but if you are going to be at the ballpark for 1,000 hours these are the things you want. Trust me.

A baseball sideline with various items.
I took this photo bc one of the mom packed herbs for her drink in her wagon lol.
A woman watches a baseball game on her phone while watching another one on the sidelines.
At one son’s game but able to watch my other son’s game too via the Game Changer app.
This is an example of a custom tumbler I made.
And here is the other side.
Two women in custom trucker hats.
Yes, Brook, you will be cheering for your new friends on other teams too 😂
A group of moms sit on the bleachers.
Draped in ice towels to keep from passing out from the heat.
The inside of a baseball dugout with fans clipped to the fence.
Dugout fans are essential to keep players cool.
A baseball team sitting outside.
This mom with her neck fan is no summer ball newbie.

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Travel baseball swag bag ideas

An assortment of items for baseball swag bags.
Swag bag supplies spread out and ready to be packaged into player bags.

For bigger away tournaments we make swag bags for the team. Here’s a list of products we’ve used.

Did I miss anything? What would you add this this list?

xo, lisa in cursive

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